Live Jam 107 Radio

The world's first and only 'all live' radio format where every song played is the live version!


Live Jam 107 is the world's only 'all live' radio format where every song we play, every live concert we air, every show and broadcast is done and is the live version!

There are never any studio versions of any material ever aired at Live Jam 107!


From daily talk shows and the Los Angeles Rams Game Day along with The Coach McVay Show to pop, rock, urban, world, island, dance, reggae, rock, jam band, electronic, club and everything we play is from the live album or from a live performance by the top music artists in history!

Shows Include:
Get The Led Out Live Live!
The Improv Cafe
Project Reggaeologist hosted by MC OBP!
NPR Music All Considered Live
Live From The Vault!
Live Nuggets
Live Grateful Dead
Live Phish
On The Rampage with Don Lichterman
On The Rampage Game Day
The Coach McVay Show

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